Faithfulness in Marriage 2Faithful is staying with or supporting a particular person, organization or belief. Synonymous to faithful is loyal. While marriage is the legal relationship between a husband and a wife. Therefore faithfulness in marriage means the ability to stay with a partner in a marriage relationship. Faithfulness is commended in the service of God. (2King 12:15, Matthew 24:5). Likewise we must be faithful to our fellow men. (Deut. 1:17, Prov.11:13, 1Tim 6:2).

The need to be faithful in our marriages cannot be over-emphasized. The wife must be faithful to her husband in all things. (1Tim.3:11). The husband should do likewise.
But due to unfaithfulness being experienced today in marriages, negatives results have been seen. Such negative results are: separation, divorce, unruly behaviours among children, sexual perversion, social unrests, immoralities etc.
We are therefore enjoyed to come out of these unholy behaviours in our marriage relationships. Although the family is the smallest unit in a society, but it is the most vital and the must not to be neglected. If we want our society to be in peace and to be rid off of social vices, the family matter should be taken seriously by all. Once there is a problem or challenge that affects the family, there is a reciprocal effect on the society.
It is therefore, the paramount duty of both husband and wife to make their marriage works. They must be faithful to one another in all things. Nothing should be hidden from each of them. None of them should have secret thoughts, ideas, visions, minds, friends, affairs, etc outside what both of them had known.

The church in present age/dispensation must uphold the family values and teach these in their messages and programs. Marriage seminars, workshops, etc should be organized and held regularly (suggest a quarterly programs) to address things that can destroy the homes. The children & youths are not left out of these. They should be seriously engaged in church activities, because they are the future and the leaders of our tomorrow.

The governments, private organizations, and individuals also have vital roles to play. The family’s ethnics must be uphold and encouraged. Anything that is going to affect the family/home should not be encouraged. Jobs should be created. Social amenities or infrastructures should be repaired and new ones established.
Private organizations and rich individuals should use their wealth to create an atmosphere where peace and unity can thrive.
Disagreement, quarrelling, etc might occur in our marriages, but they are not enough reasons to cause problem in our marriages. Both husband and wife should love, cherish, respect, admire each other. They are not one individual, but they are each half, only when they come together they become one. The truth is that, there is no perfect marriage. Both husband and wife must work towards their marriage. They should avoid third party involvement. No matter who the third party is, he or she should not be allowed. God has created both of them one. (Gen 2:24) and nothing should be allowed to separate them. For what God has joined together, no man put asunder.

We must not allow the affairs and things of this present world affect our marriage. The woman should not be unfaithful to her husband because he has lost his job or because he could not perform his fatherly role to her or to the children. She must not allow herself to be used by bad advisers/counselors, and foolish and useless men to destroy her marriage. They must stand for their family, irrespective of the challenges in the homes. This time, they need to put their whole trust and confidence in God. With this and by this alone can God answer them when they pray to Him.
The husband is not left out of this too. The man should not allow bad friends, relations or those useless girls to derail them from the love they supposed to share only with their wives. They must close their doors to all these set of people.

So many of the women have allowed secret phone calls, text messages to rein their marriages. They make secret phone calls to people who they should not even call at all. How do you think God will answer your family prayers, when you are unfaithful to your husband? We should let the past go and must totally forget about it. Men who are shameless should be deleted from our phone contacts in our handsets or diaries. If your husband is not aware of this secret love affairs, what about God who sees both open and hidden secrets of human beings. Think About this!

And even worst is the use of some social network websites on the internet. Example of this is Facebook. Most marriages have experienced setbacks due to the unfaithful activities of both husbands and wives on these social websites. Both keep online lovers in the name of socializing. They chat everyday on Facebook with this their lovers. Making discussions that should be sacred to both husband and wife alone. Some of them even asked for telephone sex. What a big shame to our so called sisters/brothers and even mothers/fathers. If you are such person desist from this. Delete anyone that wants to lead you astray. How do you think of someone you have not met face-to-face could says he or she loves you? It is not suppose to be. Our body is the temple of the Holy God. And should not be abuse outside marriage.
And finally, “I Beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptance unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect, will of God (Romans 12: 1-2).

Jesus is Lord!

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Building Good Relationship in Marraige 2

“Marriage is the legal relationship between a husband and wife. It is the state of being married”. It takes great commitment, dedication and trust in other to build good relationship in marriage. Marriage is one of the oldest institutions initiated by God.
It is therefore very important for every husband and wife to keep their marriage sacred and holy. Both of them must not defile that institution by their selfish and covetous attitudes or behaviours. The woman must only expose or show her body/flesh to the husband. The same apply to the man. Sex outside marriage is sin and can results to many failures and the main reason for unanswered prayers. Both man and woman are indispensable to one another. They are no longer one individually. They are to complement each other in all areas of life.

They increasing rates of separations, divorces, in our society today can be traced to lack of good relationship in marriage. And this has adversely affected the society that various social vices we see today are the results of such failures in marriages.

Most women today do not have respect for their husbands. They insults, abuse, curse and even beat their husbands. And they go into keeping secret love affairs with other men. They defile their body to satisfy their sexual orgy and the love of money. They are beclouded by the affairs and things of this world. They are no longer thirsty for the things of God. Their conscience never sees anything wrong with their bad behaviours rather they blame their husbands for the predicament that befall their households. What a pity and shame! And these are the so called mothers or sisters in our churches today.
They professed to serve God, but their hearts are far from Him. The men too are not left out of these shames affecting our homes today. The men too have gone out to cheat on their wives. They chase young girls who can be their children. They even got them impregnated. They are never at home with their children and wives, instead, you see them hanging in club houses, bars, eateries with girls in late evenings even on Sundays. This is really a pervert generation! No more working for God, they are more concern to satisfy their evil and unholy desires.

God Word cannot lie. Husbands are enjoined to love their wives, just has Christ love the church and die for her. Likewise, the wives are to respect their husbands irrespective of conditions or circumstances. But it is the opposite that we find today. Instead of the man loving his wife, he shares his sacred body for another woman in secret. And the wife too, instead of respecting her husband, she calls him all sorts of names. This is not true love and can never build good relationship in marriage.

The following are proven ways you can build good relationship in your marriage:

* Have love and respect for one another.
* Share secrets, thoughts, vision with your partner.
* Communicate with your partner 24/7. If there is any misunderstanding, settle it as
soon as possible.
* Never give room for third party in your marriage.
* Pray together before or after your personal prayers or quiet time.
* Never deny your partner sex at any time irrespective of what he/she might have
done to you.
* Regularly exchange gifts or presents with each other.

We need a strong and vibrant family to make good positive change in our society today!
Let’s join effective hands to keep the family alive.

Jesus is Lord!

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Love 2

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defined Love as: “a strong
feeling of deep affection for somebody or something, especially a member of your family or friend” The word Love has been misunderstood and misused by various people all over the world. But thank God for His word, which gave us the real meaning of Love. Join me as we read through the book of 1Cor.13:1-13. “…Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not, charity vaunted not itself, is not puffed up, Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth. Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Charity neveth faileth. As for prophesy, it shall fail, and for tongue, it shall cease. The above is the true meaning of Love. It also shows the attributes of Love.

Love is the most important things that we should endeavour to exercise in each day of our lives. Love can change a very bad relationship or situation to one of hope and happiness. But many today have wrongly applied this in detriment of their relationships.
This applies to all area of life; be it in marriage, business, etc. We are enjoined to Love one another and to confess our sins to one another in other to fulfill the love of Christ. James 5:16. Many profess to love someone, but their characters and behaviors do not connote LOVE. This is passions, mere feelings, emotions due to what they gain for such relationships. But if love exists in any relationship, that relationship must last no matter the challenges they face.

Our society today is full of evil and all kinds of atrocities due to lack of love for one another. People are ready to embezzle or take what does not belong to him/her and convert it to theirs. And they are not ready to share or assist their fellow men and women who are in need of their assistance or supports. They profess to love that person outwardly, but within this very inner mind they never love and never wish that person well. They sympathize with their so called friends, but they are not ready to assist them even though they are very much able to do so. Husband and wife profess to love another, but due to inadequate or insufficiencies in finances, the first love they both enjoyed in their early marriage is now dead. Instead, hatred, bitterness, distrust, unfaithfulness, disrespect is created between them. This has seriously affected many marriages in recent times. Separations, divorce have characterized the marriages of our time.

As Christians, we need to love one another irrespective of who he/she is. We must show the love of Christ wherever we find ourselves. Listen to this: No matter who you are, no matter the position you hold, if you don’t have love to your fellow man or woman; you are nothing but the child of Satan. God is love. He showed his love towards us; while we are still in sin, Christ die for us.

Let us therefore as Christians rise up today and show love to one another, so that we can both change and influence the dying world.

May the love of God that passeth every human understanding continue to envelope and radiate n both our physical and spiritual lives; so that we might bear fruits that is built on the Holy Word of God.

Jesus is Lord!

Michael Aiyejina
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The Great Commission 2

“Go ye into the entire world, and preach the gospel to every creature” Mk 16: 15.
This is a charge, commandment, order given by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to every born again child of God. This has nothing to do whether you are a worker, minister or member of a church. It is therefore our paramount and absolute duty without excuse in carrying out this command. The main purpose of Jesus Christ on earth was to save sinners and reconcile them with God. And this he fulfilled on the cross of Calvary; He endured sufferings and died in our place. It is an urgent command that should be carried out. Our Lord expects us to do the same thing he did for us. We are to continue the works he finished at Calvary Cross.

But it is very sadden to see many Christians today not obeying not to talk of carrying out this order. They are pre-occupied with their daily selfish motives and desire that has no bearing with the plan of God for mankind. Even the Church is preoccupied with taking care of physical structure rather than the spiritual church.

Funds are being expended in building mansions, convention grounds, temples, etc to the neglects of souls who are dying spiritually every day.
True messages are no longer preached, but the desire to lure money every Sunday Service from members is the order of the day, Many Pastors/Ministers don’t know what their members are doing in terms of their vocation or business. These ministers are so much interested in raising money in detriment of the souls in his parish/assembly.
What a shame and pity!!

The Children of darkness are now wise than the children of light. We have given our bread to dogs. Wake up my brothers and sisters from your sleep or slumber; this is the time to carry out the Great Command of our Lord and Saviour. Do not delay it any further. Wherever you are, start today to reach out to souls who are perishing. It is our duty to the world. Don’t let any man deceive you, it is whatever you sow, you shall reap. There is great joy in Heaven for a lost soul who comes to Christ.
The greatest achievement in life is to be saved. God has been good to us right from the foundation of the world. He has never one day remove subsidy from what He gave to the world. But instead many Governments of the world have sinned and waiting for the wrath of God upon them. They are not caring for the masses in their countries. They remove subsidies without any recourse on the bad effects that will cause their citizens.
We are in the end time, let us rise and work for God.
The work of the mission is much, but the labourers are few. Be part of the labourer today!
The increasing level of sins is very alarming, and many Christians are in slumber.

Join the International Christian Business Network Services (ICBNS) today to work for God in this ‘Great Commission’!

Jesus is Lord!

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Faith 2

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Heb 11:1). Faith is the complete trust or confidence in God. Anyone who must serve him must believe in him, for without faith it is impossible to please him. (Heb.11:16) we are not justified by the works of our hands, but by faith in God. (Gal 2:16).But also our faith must be build on our works; because faith without is dead. (James 2:17-20).

As redeemed children of God, we are requested to exercise faith always in our daily lives. Many Christians due to lack of faith have resulted in not working with God with their whole heart and not living a holy life. There are many professed Christians today that worship God only with their lips, but their heart is far from God. No wonder Christ asked his disciples; “Will He find faith on earth when He comes back?” What many Christians are chasing today is money, position, power, self-esteem, business, education, etc. Even the worst is the church. Many churches today put money, position, and power, in place of salvation of their souls. They honour men and women who attend their services. Many of the Pastors/Ministers don’t even know where these ones got their wealth. They have been beclouded with the riches of men rather than the riches of God. They don’t even know how most of their members are fairing or doing. All they care to know is money. Salvation is no more the central theme of their messages. They preach prosperity and riches instead of salvation and faith.
No denomination in the Christendom is left out of this. They are all guilty, there is great need to live in faith 2Cor.13:5; Phil.1:27.

The happenings in our societies today is as a result of Christian lack of faith.
The children of darkness are controlling the children of light. We have sold our birth right like Esau sold his to Jacob. Despite the increase number of parishes/assemblies formed every now and then, sin is increasing daily. This is the time for us to wake up from slumber and take our rightful position in the world. Although we live in the world; we are not of the world. Our faith must be tested, just like Job. Job 1: 12; Abraham was also tried, Heb.11:17.

When we exercise real faith in God; God will empower us .Mt. 17:20; Luke.17:6.
Satan number one target is your faith. Jesus Christ told Peter, ‘…Satan has asked for you, that he may shift you as wheat; but I have prayed for you that your faith should not fail… (Luke 22: 31-32). Satan may destroy our health, finances, etc; he is actually after our faith. We must be strong in the Lord and in the power therein.
Our faith in God must be strengthening more than before.

When we are able to this, that is when God will be able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or think …(Ephesians 3:20 ).

The word is earnestly waiting for the manifestation of the children of God.
Let us follow men of old who exercise faith in their daily work with God.

Remember Abraham, Moses, Noah, David, Caleb, Shadrack, Meshak and Abednego.
Also Daniel, Peter, Stephen, etc.

Jesus is Lord!

Michael Aiyejina
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Forgiveness 2
God showed His marvelous love towards us even in our sinful state. His love for us overshadows our sins. Despite our continuous sinful life, He gave us His only begotten son (JESUS CHRIST) to die for us. (John 3:16). The Almighty God in His own part has remained faithful in loving us. But human beings have always failed to return God’s love for his/her fellow mankind. Due to the sinful nature of man, and the wickedness thereof, the relationship between man and God has never been good. Man has continued to offend God and live in contrary to the ordinances and his laws.
God has always forgiven man anytime he sinned against Him.
Although God regretted for creating man in the book of Genesis, He still loves man.

But man has not been able to replicate this God kind of love to mankind. The increasing rate of assaults & evil perpetuated by man to his or her fellow man has resulted in the increasing rate of evil seen in our society today. No one wants to forgive his or her fellow human being. Some even vow not to forgive his or her neighbor even in this life or in the life to come. The relationship between husband and wife has been marred because of unforgiving spirit. The world is full of people who don’t think about their fellow humans. Each one struggle to satisfy their selfish ends. There is no more love even in the homes, churches, working places, etc. And because of the love for money, many children of God have neglected God’s kind of love –Agape.
We are taught by our Lord Jesus Christ that we should forgive all who trespass or offend us (Luke 11:4). Even when He was asked how many times can we sin against each other in a day; he said seventy times seven (70 X 7), that is, 490 times per day. There is this great need for us to love one another, and to forgive one another no matter what they did to us. Although it might be difficult initially, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, the evil spirit of unforgiveness will vanish away.
To err his human, and to forgive his divine. If we ask God to help our evil thoughts, He will do it. We are to reflect his image on earth.

Are you harboring bitterness or grudge in your heart against anyone? Has someone offended you and you have vowed never to forgive?
Learn and ask the Holy Spirit to help you conquer the evil spirit of unforgiveness. Think about the love of God towards you. Consider the death of His only begotten son on the cross!
Always forgive one another, to fulfill the love of God.

References: Gen50:17; Mt 5:23-24; 6:14; Ephesians 4:32; Col. 3:13; 2Cor.2:7; 1John 1:9, James 5: 15; Mk 11:25.
Jesus is Lord!

Michael Aiyejina
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Positive attitude to failure 1

Failure is not an end, but a means to an end. “Righteous man may fall seven times and rise again …” Proverbs 24:16. The fear of failure has made many people not to venture or not even think of starting anything in life. Until you overcome the fear of failure, you will be immobilized at the prospect of taking a risk. The important thing is never to quit when you fail. History has shown that failure can actually become a bridge to success. Only when you consider your failure to be final are you finally a failure. Failure is not an event or act, but only an opinion. And as long as it’s not your opinion to fail, you can come back and succeed. “A righteous man may fall seven times and rise again”

In his first inaugural address, Franklin Roosevelt told the American nation, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. ‘Failure is not fatal, you can begin again. But the fear of failure could prove fatal to your goals by keeping you from trying again. After cataloguing every positive scenario that could come against us, such as tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril, sword, Paul wrote: “Yet in all these this we are more than conquerors through him who loved us” (Romans 8:37).

We must at all cost and means, kept fear from our daily thoughts. If you refuse to quit when you fail, you will definitely and ultimately succeed. You must be willing to get back up and keep moving forward. Abraham Lincoln failed several times in his political careers. But today he is considered one of America’s greatest presidents. A wise man concluded: “It is a mistake to suppose that people succeed only through failure”. You are not defeated until the past takes your focus off the future.

The basic truth is that, when you fail in one area, it can drive you to explore other areas. Most of life’s successes are based on the principle of trial & error.
Often failure is not making the falling short of your goal, it’s simply not making the effort. The truth is that, failure can actually help you discover you area of success.
For instance, when you hate your job, you will likely fail in it. Yet it’s in loosing that hated position that you may be pressed to pursue what you really like to do, and are called to do. It was in the failure of St Peter that he later experience success and with it, he was very able to lead the first church after Jesus Christ dead.

Jesus is Lord!
Michael Aiyejina
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Power of praying 1

Prayer is the life wire of a spirit-filled Christian. It is a life line to connect to the supernatural being-God. Prayer is the key to both the spiritual & physical well being of a child of God. Prayer is the life force that sustains us spiritually.
But most disheartening today is the way and lukewarm attitude most professed children of God have towards prayer.

For us to progress in our daily life & to achieve our life desires, aspirations, and goals, we must change our mind set on prayer. We must have a strong attitude to communicate to God absolutely without any thing hindering our communion with Him. God alone has the answers to all our human challenges.
Our souls must thirst for God in prayers (Psalm 42:1-2). We must constantly pray without ceasing. And finally, we must devote ourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving. Only when you have spent time in God’s presence and drawn strength from him, will you be equal to the challenges you face on any given day (TWFT).
Brethren, there, is great power in power. The great signs, miracles, and wonders of old can be made real today if we have a strong attitude positive attitude on prayers.

Jesus is Lord!

Michael Aiyejina
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